Dress Code


All uniform items must be solid and without any logos other than Williams logos.


Pants and Shorts

Uniform style pants and shorts must be NAVY BLUE ONLY and made of COTTON TWILL.  Shorts should be no more than two inches above the knee.  Belt is required if the pants or shorts have belt loops. Pants/shorts should be clean and without holes or tears.



Uniform style shirts may be solid red, white or navy blue made of cotton knit. Shirts must have a collar or turtle neck. Logos, piping or trim are not allowed. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Shirts may not have pockets. All students are required to have one red Williams logo shirt for special events.  Logo shirts can be purchased at The Toggery.


Skorts, Skirts and Jumpers

Uniform style skorts, skirts and jumpers must be SOLID NAVY or Williams Magnet plaid; must be no more than 2 inches above or below the knee. Jumpers should be sleeveless and worn with a solid white, red or navy blue collared shirt. Shorts, tights or leggings (no ruffles) must be worn under skirts and jumpers and solid navy, red or white.


Jackets and Sweaters

Only sweatshirts, hoodies or sweaters can be worn in the building during the day.  They must be solid red, white, or navy.  Coats for outside use are of your choosing.


Socks, Undershirts, Shoes

All socks and undershirts must be solid red, white or navy.  Shoes need to be appropriate for recess/PE activities.



A belt should be worn if there are belt loops on pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts. Belts must be solid in color. Headbands and bows should follow the LRSD policy. Fashion-colored hair pieces or feathers are not allowed. LRSD policy will be enforced if accessories disrupt the learning process.  Caps, visors, sunglasses, etc. should be left at home.  Jewelry must be discrete and not disruptive to the learning process.


Spirit Shirt Fridays

Fridays are designated Spirit Days.  Students may wear a school spirit shirt or field day shirt with their uniform bottoms.



We are encouraging all students wear a mask during the school day for the safety of ALL.  The CDC currently recommends that everyone in the school setting wear a mask.